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Thoughts and Tidbits by Jim Feist

The NFL Preseason has arrived with the Hall of Fame game between the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens. If you are going to bet preseason, it would be wise to ... more

NFC West Preview by Jim Feist

This week I look at the final NFL division, the NFC West.  This might be one of the weaker divisions in football with the Rams looking as the best team and the ... more

Previewing the NFC South – by Jim Feist

This is a power packed division and I would not be shocked if the one of these teams ends up in the Super Bowl and maybe winning it. For me, the best of the lot are ... more

NFC North Preview by Jim Feist

Minnesota Vikings: It seemed to me that in 2017 head coach Mike Zimmer did not fully have Case Keenums back at times. Judging by his off season moves, that may have ... more